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Mou Boots ESKIMO24 suede beige lamb fur FW7GZhG
Mou Boots ESKIMO24 suede beige lamb fur
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Men may resist organizational changes favoring women because they view gender equality as zero sum—if women win, men lose. How then do you enlist men as agents of change? Few men oppose the idea of benefiting from the entire talent pool—at least in theory. But some are concerned about actually leveling the playing field. In practice, of course, the blind auditions in orchestras have increased competition for male musicians. And the inclusion of women affects competition for men in all jobs. I understand that increased competition can be painful, but I am too much of an economist to not believe in the value of competition. There is no evidence that protectionism has served the world well. Enlisting men is partly about helping them to see the benefits of equality. Fathers of daughters are some of the strongest proponents of gender equality, for obvious reasons, so they can be particularly powerful voices when it comes to bringing other men along. Research on male CEOs, politicians, and judges shows that fathers of daughters care more about gender equality than men without children or with only sons. I would urge fathers of daughters to be outspoken in their own organizations and to advocate for equality not just as a broad goal, but to actively help drive the changes I describe here—collecting baseline organizational data, promoting experiments, measuring what works, changing processes to limit the impact of our biased minds and level the playing field, and so on. A big part is, simply, continued awareness building—not just of the problem but also of the solutions available to organizations. I recently gave a talk on Wall Street to an audience that was male. I started by inviting people with children to raise their hands. Then I asked those with daughters to raise their hands. Many hands were up. I told them that this made my job easy as some of my biggest allies were in the room. It broke the ice, especially when I told the audience that my husband and I only have sons—who are great feminists, I might add, and in small ways have already brought behavioral insights to their school by reminding the principal to refer to teachers in general as both “he” and “she.”

A version of this article appeared in the July–August 2016 issue (pp.62–67) of .

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is a senior editor at

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With the concept coming into the organization cultures, many policies are being re-defined. We do have introduced new policies, trying to address day-to-day issues of women colleagues and ultimately trying to have a better diverse workplace. But personally, i would like to understand few more things over here; for the sake of having a diverse workforce, are we suppose to divert the policies and are we suppose to have policies which are subject to change in terms of bringing a diverse culture. We should have equality but how much equity can be compromised, is not defined anywhere. If one organization has provided equal opportunity for it's people, created a harassment free work atmosphere and does fair performance assessments then is the requirement of deviating the policies for the sake of Diversity exist? The question is to all.....Regards,


File src/include/config.h is created by autoheader (part of autoconf ).


Grammar files *.y are converted to C sources by an implementation of yacc , usually bison -y : these are found in src/main and src/library/tools/src . It is known that earlier versions of bison generate code which reads (and in some cases writes) outside array bounds: bison 2.6.1 was found to be satisfactory.

The ultimate sources for package compiler are in its noweb directory. To re-create the sources from src/library/compiler/noweb/compiler.nw , the command notangle is required. Some Linux distributions include this command in package noweb . It can also be installed from the sources at 68 . The package sources are only re-created even in maintainer mode if src/library/compiler/noweb/compiler.nw has been updated.


It is likely that in future creating configure will need the GNU ‘autoconf archive’ installed. This can be found at and as a package (usually called autoconf-archive ) in most packaged distributions, for example Debian, Fedora, OpenCSW, Homebrew and MacPorts.


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This section provides some notes on building R on different Unix-alike platforms. These notes are based on tests run on one or two systems in each case with particular sets of compilers and support libraries. Success in building R depends on the proper installation and functioning of support software; your results may differ if you have other versions of compilers and support libraries.

Older versions of this manual (for R < 2.10.0) contain notes on platforms such as HP-UX, IRIX and Alpha/OSF1 for which we have had no recent reports.

C macros to select particular platforms can be tricky to track down (there is a fair amount of misinformation on the Web). The Wiki (currently) at can be helpful. The R sources have used (often in included software under src/extra )

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, Up: Platform notes [ Contents ][ Kenneth Cole Gentle Souls Womens Larina Leather Gladiator Platform Sandals Ss66AMoUx

The ‘ X11() ’ graphics device is the one started automatically on Unix-alikes when plotting. As its name implies, it displays on a (local or remote) X server, and relies on the services provided by the X server.

Coming up with a fair package is still harder than it should be. The Suns won't be hocking their best assets, and the Clippers may not have an affinity for their fringe chips.

Selling low on Dragan Bender or Marquese Chriss andperhaps a protected second-rounder feels fair. Both bigs are best equipped for center duty, and the Suns just drafted Deandre Ayton at No. 1. The Clippers don't have a building block at the 5 after losing DeAndre Jordan to the Dallas Mavericks. They're strictly invested in expiring placeholders (Marcin Gortat, Boban Marjanovic, Mike Scott) unless they re-sign Montrezl Harrell.

Neither Bender nor Chriss is a sure thing. They're quite the opposite. But the Clippers have room in their frontcourt for unknown 20-somethings who don't make enough to jeopardize next summer's spending power.

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Yes, yes, yes. This goes against everything that's being reported.

Anthony has already started talking to the Heat and Rockets, according to according to Woj . Houston is reportedly the heavy favorite to land his services once he leaves Oklahoma City, per Marc Stein of the New York Times .

Who cares?

Anthony joining LeBron James is the dream for those of us who take great pleasure in oddball roster constructions. Think about it: The Lakers were at one time supposed to partner LeBron with Leonard and Esprit MIANA LACE UP Trainers light grey wMgyWH
. Surrounding him instead with Anthony, JaVale McGee, Rajon Rondo and Lance Stephenson is an objectively hilarious contingency.

To be clear: This isn't all giggles and upside-down-face emojis. Anthony's connection with James is no laughing matter . He might be willing to make concessions alongside his BFFL that he wasn't open to in Oklahoma City.

Conversely, perhaps Anthony flat-out masters the role of secondary scorer, spot-up assassin and occasional pick-and-roll diver. James has a way of bringing out the best in everyone who follows his lead, which is why we can only cackle over the Lakers' peripheral moves until they play the games.

Indeed, the Rockets are an equally intriguing destination for Anthony. In reality, they're the best fit, bar none . They're approaching next season with more urgency; their timeline is more immediate than the from-scratch process James is endorsing with the Lakers.

Still, we're talking about LeBron and Melo playing on the same team alongside a bunch of kiddies in one of the biggest markets. This needs to happen.

Unless otherwise noted, stats courtesy of Alegria Womens Kimi Sneaker TRzWNQz
or Basketball Reference . Salary and cap-hold information via Basketball Insiders and RealGM . Reported agreements to sign's free-agent tracker unless otherwise noted.

Dan Favale covers the NBA for Bleacher Report. Follow him on Twitter ( @danfavale ) and listen to his Hardwood Knocks podcast, co-hosted by B/R's Andrew Bailey.

Figure 1.

Towne/Toledo chimeras are fibroblast adapted. (A and B) Cell lines were infected with the indicated Towne/Toledo HCMV vaccines or control viruses at the following MOIs: fibroblasts (Fibro; NHDF), 3; epithelial (Epith; ARPE-19) and endothelial (Endoth; HUVEC) cells, 10; and monocytes (Mono; THP-1), 100. Delta 4 is a deletion mutant for UL128-150 and, thus, cannot form the pentameric complex. 24 h after infection, cells were stained for IE-1 and analyzed by immunofluorescence microscopy. (A) Immunofluorescence photomicrographs of IE-1 expression in infected cells. Bar, 100 µm. (B) Quantitation of proportion of infected cells. Data depict results from one representative of three independent experiments. Chim, chimera.

As previously reported, 8 out of 11 subjects who seroconverted after vaccination with low-dose (100 or 1,000 PFU) Towne/Toledo HCMV vaccines also mounted CD8 T cell responses. T cell responses were observed only in recipients of chimeras 2 and 4 (Table S1). All of these subjects responded to a peptide pool covering the immediate early 1 (IE-1) protein ( Fig. 2 A ). We previously reported that three subjects responded to one or more additional antigens ( Adler et al., 2016 ), but as IE-1 was the only antigen that elicited a measurable CD8 T cell response from more than two subjects, we focused our detailed analysis on this antigen. Furthermore, assessment of the rhesus macaque CD8 T cell response to RhCMV antigens was restricted to IE-1 ( Hansen et al., 2013a ). In that study, RhCMV-vaccinated macaques mounted CD8 T cell responses that showed broad epitope specificity, in contrast to the narrow focus on a few epitopes that is characteristic of most CD8 T cell responses ( Hansen et al., 2013a ). We assessed the breadth of IE-1 peptide responses in all eight subjects who had measurable HCMV-specific CD8 T cell responses, and we found that each subject responded to only one to two peptides or peptide hot spots (two adjacent overlapping peptides; Fig. 2 B ). This was similar to the breadth of responses in naturally HCMV-infected controls ( Fig. 2 C ). This contrasts with the extremely broad epitope specificity observed in RhCMV-vaccinated macaques, which responded to a mean of 36 IE-1 peptides (25% of all the overlapping peptides; Hansen et al., 2013a ).

Figure 2.

Towne/Toledo chimera vaccination elicits IE-1–specific CD8 T cell responses with narrow epitope breadth. (A) PBMCs were stimulated with solvent control (top) or an overlapping peptide pool covering the entire AD169 IE-1 protein (bottom), and antigen-specific responses were assessed by ICS. Plots are gated on live CD3CD8CD4 lymphocytes. Numbers on plots indicate the proportion of gated cells that are IFN-γTNF. Subject 24 did not respond to this commercially available peptide pool (not depicted) but did respond to an overlapping peptide pool covering the entire IE-1 protein sequence of the immunizing vaccine (shown). (B) PBMCs were epitope screened by stimulating triplicate wells with the individual peptides comprising the overlapping peptide pool. Peptides are numbered from the N terminus and are indicated on the x axis. Responses were considered positive if the proportion of CD8 T cells that was IFN-γTNF was >0.03% and >3 SD above background. Dotted lines represent cutoffs for positive responses for each subject. No individual peptide responses reached this threshold for subject 34, but upon growing a T cell line from subject 34 PBMCs, we identified two responses. The large response in subject 23 was subsequently determined to have arisen after natural HCMV infection between 1 and 2 yr after vaccination, but this response was present, albeit much lower, immediately after vaccine administration ( Figs. 2 A and 5 ). Insufficient PBMCs were available to screen subjects 22 and 35 for responses to individual 15mers. Asterisks represent responses studied in detail for core epitope identity and HLA restriction, summarized in Table S1. (C) PBMCs from naturally infected HCMV-seropositive controls were epitope screened as in panel B. Data show FACS plots from every subject analyzed and are representative of two or more experiments (A) or one to two screening experiments (B and C).

The second unusual feature of the CD8 T cell responses to RhCMV fibroblast-adapted vectors is the complete lack of responses that are restricted by classical MHC I molecules; two thirds are MHC II restricted, and the remaining are MHC-E restricted ( Hansen et al., 2013a , Tom Joule WELLIBOB Wellies navy pop SHqBJr0
). We used a combination of peptide truncations ( Fig. 3, A–E ), single HLA transfectant antigen-presenting cell lines ( Converse Chuck Taylor OX / White/ White OE80S
), and tetramer staining ( Fig. 3 L ) to assess the core epitope identity and HLA restriction of CD8 T cell responses in Towne/Toledo vaccine recipients. The 10 response hotspots that were sufficiently robust to study are indicated with asterisks on the peptide maps ( Fig. 2 B ).


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